Frequently asked questions

What is this promotion all about?

This is a promotion for Monkey Shoulder. You can enter online for the chance to win a house party worth £5,000 in a draw or one of 2,000 Monkey Shoulder merchandise prizes instantly.

Tell me more about the top prize.

The House party prize consists of a hosted party for a max. of 8 people to be held at the winner’s home address. A bartender will set up a Monkey Shoulder cocktail trolley, complete with DJ and decks, and the DJ will play banging beats throughout the party. The bartender will run an hour-long World’s Loudest Whisky Tasting and serve expertly made drinks throughout the evening (all ingredients provided). Non-alcoholic options will be offered. At the end of the party, the Monkey Shoulder crew will clear up and the winner and their friends will receive House Party Prize bundles.

This prize is awarded in a prize draw at the end of the promotion. All valid entries to this promotion will be put into this draw.

What about the other prizes?

The other prizes consist of:

  • 500 × Monkey Shoulder New Era baseball caps.
  • 500 × pairs of Monkey Shoulder high ball glasses.
  • 500 × Monkey Shoulder waist bags.
  • 500 × pairs of Monkey Shoulder wireless headphones.

These prizes can be won instantly. Prizes are allocated via algorithm and may not all be won.

How do I take part?

Purchase a bottle of Monkey Shoulder with a promotional sleeve and scan the QR code or go to You will then be asked to register your name and email. You will instantly receive a message on screen which will inform you if you have won a merchandise prize and what that prize is. Winners will be asked to upload their receipt to prove purchase and following validation, your prize will be sent to you.

You will also be automatically entered into the House Party prize draw. Promotional bottles can be purchased from most Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons and Coop stores.

When is this promotion taking place?

The promotion starts on 10th July 2023 and ends on 26th November 2023.

Is there a wrap up draw?

Yes. All valid late entries from 27th November 2023 to 29 February 2024 will be put into a wrap up draw to win a merchandise bundle consisting of 1 × Monkey Shoulder New Era cap, 1 × pair of Monkey Shoulder high ball glasses, 1 × Monkey Shoulder waist bag and 1 × pair of Monkey Shoulder wireless headphones.

I live in Northern Ireland. Do I need to make a purchase to take part?

Yes. Purchase is required for all UK residents.

My question is not about this promotion but about Monkey Shoulder in general. Who do I contact?

Please feel free to contact us via: